Icon Pack Debugger For Android Icon Pack Developers

icon pack debuggerRecently I published Icon Pack Debugger, An android app which helps icon pack developers to find the broken icons and duplicate entries in the ‘appfilter.xml’. The apps initial version was published at XDA forum on 2014 which is not compatible with Marshmallow runtime permission. Along with Marshmallow support, the latest version has instant log share option to easily share the log on Email,Bluetooth or any other medium. If you are an Android icon pack developer, then Icon Pack Debugger will be very helpful to you… Get it here (Goole Play)




2 thoughts on “Icon Pack Debugger For Android Icon Pack Developers

  1. hi
    is there any update version of “wiziconizer”.
    some icons are not update with icon pack. if available of manual change it is very worth.
    thank you

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