7 Must Have Android Libraries Which Will Reduce Your Work To A Better Extend

Hi, This is my first post here. In this post I would like to introduce some must have libraries for Android development.

  1. Butter Knife
    Easy Field and method binding for Android views
  2. Retrofit
    Retrofit turns your REST API into a Java interface.
  3. OkHttp
    Best HTTP & HTTP/2 client for Android.
  4. EventBus
    A tiny (50 kb) Android library which simplifies the communication between Android components (Activities, Fragments, etc.)
  5. Gson by Google
    Easily convert JSON into Java objects and back
  6. Glide
    Image loading and caching library for Android with Gif Support… Prefer this for Small Projects
  7. Fresco by Facebook
    Best Image loading and caching library for Android with better memory management. Manages Gif animation better than Glide or any other Image loading library… It is bigger in size when compared with Glide..better use with Big projects.



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