Deploy NodeJS with Mongo Db Project to Heroku. Easy setup

Even mLab MongoDB available in a free plan, you can’t add it to your NodeJS app from the Heroku dashboard without adding a credit card. In this post I included the easy steps to deploy NodeJS project with MongoDB. Also, I included the fix for other issues which may rice while running your app on Heroku.
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Icon Pack Debugger For Android Icon Pack Developers

icon pack debuggerRecently I published Icon Pack Debugger, An android app which helps icon pack developers to find the broken icons and duplicate entries in the ‘appfilter.xml’. The apps initial version was published at XDA forum on 2014 which is not compatible with Marshmallow runtime permission. Along with Marshmallow support, the latest version has instant log share option to easily share the log on Email,Bluetooth or any other medium. If you are an Android icon pack developer, then Icon Pack Debugger will be very helpful to you… Get it here (Goole Play)


RecyclerView Endless Load More Example Project. [GitHub Source]

In this post I included an easy approach to implement the Endless Load more with loading progress in RecyclerView. I made this project as simple as possible, The main view lists movie names with IMDB rating (loads from server). When you reach the bottom by scrolling down the list, app will load more movies by indicating a loading progress.
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Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Server Side Implementation. (FCM PHP Backend)

In my last post I wrote about FCM Setup in Android, in this post I includes the server side (PHP) implementation to send message notification from the backend server to the Android device.
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Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Quick Set Up in Android

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is the new Cloud Messaging Service by Google for Android, IOS, and Chrome (Web). As Google says FCM is the new version of GCM don’t expect further development on GCM so use FCM in your new projects to benefit extra features for now and future. Don’t get confuse with Firebase pricing FCM is absolutely free.
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Codeigniter Is Logged In Check In All Controller.

When you have user management module in your¬†project, you have to check the login status in every page to prevent the unauthorized access. Read Full Article –>


7 Must Have Android Libraries Which Will Reduce Your Work To A Better Extend

Hi, This is my first post here. In this post I would like to introduce some¬†must have libraries for Android development. Read Full Article –>